UX Researcher Senior


  • Conceptual clarity regarding the fundamentals of research, particularly in relation to fieldwork and ethnographic techniques (in-depth interviews, participant observation, etc.).
  • Experience designing and executing user research projects, or in similar fields such as market research. If you do not have professional experience, but are attracted to developing in this field, experience in applied research projects, research within academia or management can also be valuable.
  • Ability to understand business needs and relate directly to our clients, even at the highest levels of organizations.
  • English language proficient enough to read fluently, write an email and to be able to maintain a conversation.
  • Autonomy and responsibility to meet your objectives.
  • Ability to ensure the technical and methodological rigor of the different research activities according to the challenges of the project.
  • Formulate, design and articulate the different challenges, steps and research actions in an informed manner and thus achieve the objectives set.
  • Extroverted (or introverted and courageous) to lead activities such as a research design workshop or presentation.
  • Ability to convey ideas and the value of the research clearly and persuasively, to share the results of the fieldwork with the team and the client.

It's a plus if you have:

  • Enjoy not only gathering information in the field, but also putting it into action by actively participating in innovation and design projects.
  • Have had experience in projects that have involved working and integrating with professionals from other disciplines.
  • Experience applying and relating different research techniques, tools and sources in the course of a single research project.
  • Knowledge of Design Thinking, Interaction Design or Service Design.
  • You have participated in projects involving database analysis and/or quantitative methods.
  • Have led or participated in user testing.
  • Knowledge of experience mapping and representation techniques (journey maps, empathy maps, blueprints, personas, etc.).
  • Know the language and be able to fluently interact in the fields of design, innovation, business and technology.
  • Have teaching and/or consulting experience, regardless of the branch or topic.
  • Experience in roles involving project management.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Knowledge of Argentina and Latin America and understanding of the development possibilities that design can create.
  • Bring something different: we are interested in adding people to the team who see the world from different perspectives. You may have been born in another country, you may have studied something different from us, you may have had an atypical life or professional path, you may have different experiences that enrich the rest of the team.
  • Doing or having done interesting things not work related ;-)
  • Sense of humor.