Jimena Mardones Buet Service Design Lead,
EY Design Studio LAS

Jimena Mardones Buet is an Industrial Designer from FADU UBA, specialized in strategic design management. She has over eleven years of experience managing design projects from start to finish. She is passionate about setting ideas in motion, solving problems and investigating and learning new things to overcome a challenge.

She joined the SME sector while she was very young and started her professional path through several industries which made her really versatile and fostered her ability to adapt to change. She consolidated her profile as a leader of innovation projects within the “Programa Federal del Mincyt Fábrica, diseño e innovación" coordinating interdisciplinary teams aligned with solving design challenges that improved the quality of life of vulnerable populations. During these years, she learnt the meaning of doing a lot with very little and the importance of teams as well as to lead with determination, ease and love and to overcome prejudice. She understood that showing vulnerability is not wrong and that the drive of a collaboration project with passionate people has no limits. At the moment, she leads service projects for the financing sector and is really motivated by the idea of being part of the transformation towards a more efficient and inclusive banking system.

Teaching is one of her passions: she has been teaching the Industrial Technology course at the University of Buenos Aires since before getting her degree. She really enjoys being at home with Mike, her dog. She loves decorating and doing things herself: her toolbox is one of her treasures. In her free time, you can find her reading novels, cooking pastries and desserts, engaging in spontaneous activities with friends and escaping to the north-east region of the country during the weekends to connect with nature.