Roy Aizen Senior UX Researcher,
EY Design Studio PHL

Roy joined us after earning his BS in Psychology from Drexel University with a minor in Interactive Digital Media. As part of the Drexel Empathic Research Lab, he participated in conducting qualitative research, analysis and scholarly reporting on a breakthrough system for sharing medication during emergencies. Interim results of this study were published in the Extended Abstracts of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. A former co-op on our team, Roy is building on prior experience gained here before graduation, including research and analysis on policy management, onboarding and marketing across financial and pharmaceutical verticals. A highlight of his time here was helping to define and design the vision for policy management at an up-and-coming life insurance and annuity carrier. When not indulging his passion for research and problem-solving at work, he enjoys making music and spending time outdoors, hiking and biking.