New challenges,
new ways of working

High customer expectations and speed-to-market pressures are overwhelming traditional operating models as the marketplace experiences a digital transformation. We can help.

A passion for customer experience

We approach digital experiences from every angle. We are user experience researchers, analysts, strategists, designers and creative technologists.

Customer-centricity is the be all, end all of the new now

Retail is having a moment. A big one. The way retailers embrace this opportunity to reshape and respond to customer’s changing needs can give them…

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Silo-Busting Your Way to Better

The world needs the solution you’re about to build.

But organizational silos can get in the way of innovation and growth. Working through these three…

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Trust and Design Go Hand-in-Glove

This article and accompanying image were originally published on

Trust is currency, and maintaining it counts – especially as COVID-19 pushes more…

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Experience is Everything

User experience matters. We’ve always known that in our studio, but it’s never been clearer to me than in this moment while watching my kids…

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5 Ways to Help Your Design Team Work Remotely

Like most businesses around the world, our studio has found its team members in a drastically new work environment: our homes. How can an inherently…

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Play in Difficult Times

Do you like playing board games? Have you ever struggled to talk about a difficult topic with someone? What could these two things possibly have…

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More than an Outing: Design Camp

In our studio, we are organized in to practice disciplines: UX research, design, development and delivery. We constantly work together to inform and influence the…

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Meditation 101

Everyone has dealt with stress or anxiety at one point or another. Our lives only get busier as responsibilities grow, and sometimes it almost feels…

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Why Do I Work Here?

When I’m conducting interviews, candidates often ask me why I like working at EY. It’s a great question — a question I may answer differently…

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Introducing Play into Your Workday

“Go outside and play! Preferably in a natural setting and with as little structure as possible. See you in 30 minutes.”

I asked my amazing…

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Stay Spooky, Design Studio PHL

Here at the Philadelphia studio, we’re always talking about the importance of play and how to maintain balance within our workday. We’re often helping clients…

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Think Like an Architect

First things first: I’m not an architect. However, I did start my college career in architecture school. It didn’t take me too long to realize…

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3 Design Takeaways from 99U

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the annual 99U conference in the city of dreams, New York City. “99U” stems from the Thomas Edison…

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Personas at Play

You might have a heard a thing or two about Design Studio PHL’s Collab series. Earlier this year, we decided to take…

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Design is Storytelling

Earlier this year, EY Design Studio PHL hosted a Design Brew event in Manayunk called Design at Play: Injecting Play Into Our…

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The 2019 PICnic

An end of summer PICnic (funky capitalization in honor of our studio's founder, Greg Picarelli) is an annual tradition at EY Studio PHL. Every year…

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Inclusive Content, Ethical Design and All of Us

EY Design Studio PDX Presents: An evening with Sara Wachter-Boettcher (Design Week Portland: Event Recap)

Implicit and unconscious bias impacts all digital products and experiences.…

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Reusable Collabs

Lately we’ve been exploring the value of personal passions and creative play with our design team’s Collab sessions. During our internal Collab…

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Performance feedback you can actually use

I recently received a structured performance review from a trusted co-worker. The online form asked my peer to rate my most recent 90 days of…

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Crit & Collab

Discipline development is a key focus area at our studio. For those of us on the design team, this means learning about challenges facing other…

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XOXO, Design Studio PHL

Nowadays, our relationships with apps and other digital experiences are looking a lot like real relationships we have with our loved ones. We go through…

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Teaching UX Design to TechGirlz

When we tell people, “We’re UX designers,” we’re typically met with confused looks or misconceptions about what that means.

“So you work with computers?”


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Our New Home

One of the many benefits of joining the EY family in December 2015 was that we were able to move our team into an incredible…

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Introducing Intuitive Art Space

Our team has called the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia home for the past six years. We love its sense of community and its all-around funkiness.…

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Spinning Data into Gold: Turning Information into UX Insights

Brilliant UX designs don’t magically appear out of thin air. Even though they may seem elegant and effortless during presentations, they actually emerge out of…

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When it’s Smart to Play Dumb: Managing AI Recommendations

As machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) evolve and begin to yield interesting results, our clients are exploring how to apply these technologies to their…

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Harnessing the power of collaboration

Our studio model brings together top talent and gives them the human-centered methodologies and cutting-edge tools needed to help transform your customers’ digital experiences.

We're proud of our work.

We create dynamic experiences for companies of all sizes in pretty much every industry, with a focus on streamlining processes and making users happy.


The EY Design Studios are building something exciting — and bringing our collaborative model to engagements with some of the largest, fastest-growing and most compelling businesses in the world. Each studio has its own local vibe, but together we share a common goal of improving digital experiences. The perks aren’t too bad, either.

We welcome creative thinkers and innovators

Team up with smart, hard-working, curious people — while bringing the depth and breadth of EY’s capabilities to clients. Keep an eye on this space for any future openings!