Why Do I Work Here?

Bob Rullo | 12/12/2019

When I’m conducting interviews, candidates often ask me why I like working at EY. It’s a great question — a question I may answer differently day to day.

Some days I might say I love my job because of the variety of work. I have had opportunities to work for clients across the financial services, insurance, government, consumer goods, automotive and nonprofit sectors. My development team at EY Design Studio PHL has a unique opportunity to take the experience we gain in one vertical and leverage it in another. I enjoy the ability to continue to grow in my craft from these projects.

Other days I like how the studio is committed to a work-life balance. I live 45+ minutes away from the office, which can make raising two teenagers challenging. I love that I can balance my schedule with my family life. I’m able to catch most of my daughter’s lacrosse games and my son’s soccer games. When they have after-school events, I’m often there. If I need to stay home in the morning to get them to an appointment, I can. You’ll often hear a company prides itself on work-life balance. I can attest that it is true at EY.

Now, I love my family, and want to be around whenever I can, but I also love to travel. I have found that with the work our studio does, you can travel as little or as much as you want. Our clientele brings us to all parts of the world. When it makes sense to be on-site at our clients’ offices, we go, and when we can do things virtually, we’ll take that route.

What do Ireallylove about working at EY in our studio? I love the creative energy, the collaborative environment, the drive for us to all to share our experiences and help each other grow. I find our environment to be judgment-free and that our team truly believes that “there are no stupid questions.”

If we ever have the opportunity to meet in an interview, please do not hesitate to ask me why I enjoy working at EY. I will likely have more to add to the list.

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