XOXO, Design Studio PHL

Nellie Ortiz | 02/14/2019

Nowadays, our relationships with apps and other digital experiences are looking a lot like real relationships we have with our loved ones. We go through the honeymoon phase, where we are absolutely smitten by clever copy, stunning visual design and functionality that makes our lives oh-so-much easier. We settle into routines with our digital companions and continue to be delighted by the services they provide. We’ll butt heads every once in a while when they change in unexpected ways, and break up when they betray our trust or lead us down an unhealthy path. Ultimately, the strongest digital relationships stand the test of time and become integral parts of our everyday lives.

Thinking of digital experiences like real-life relationships is a great way to understand the differences between good and bad UX, and writing “love letters“ to those apps can help articulate exactly what we appreciate most about them.

In December, we invited the local TechGirlz chapter to join us in our studio to do just that. A team of researchers, designers and one lucky developer created the Think Like a Designer Workshop to teach our participants how our studio envisions, creates and makes digital experiences. We had so much fun listening to the girls’ poetic letters to their favorite apps (some of which we had never heard of) that we wanted to share them with the rest of our company.

Starting this Valentine’s week, one of the stairwells in our studio has been transformed into an tribute to lovely digital experiences everywhere. Not only are we showcasing the letters from the workshop, but we’ve also peppered in a few valentines from others in the studio who wanted to make their feelings known.

On behalf of all of us at EY Design Studio PHL, happy Valentine’s Day!