Join our team

Join a team with many years of experience in innovation and people-centered design that takes its work seriously and where you will have constant opportunities to learn.

We provide you with opportunities to work on projects in Argentina, Latin America, the United States and other regions, with professionals from design and other disciplines, from all over the world.

Regular training events provided by EY's global design community

  • Unlimited membership to take courses at the Interaction Design Foundation.
  • Chance to win scholarships to take courses at IDEO U.
  • Ongoing training on consulting and business topics.
  • Discounts on university programs.
  • Private English classes in small groups.
  • Unlimited use of online language platform.
  • Annual career development with the guidance of a counselor.
  • Access to one of the best (the best?) Design Thinking, Innovation and Experience Design library in the country (plus a digital library).

An excellent work-life balance

  • Flexibility and special leave policies.
  • Softlanding for recent mothers; additional paternity leave; adoption leave; and kindergarten allowance.
  • La Nación Premium Club card.
  • Discounts in gyms and stores.
  • Free legal and tax advice.
  • Private medical coverage for you and your family group.
  • Medical and nutritional consultations at the office; and annual health programs.
  • Vacations are counted in hours (not days) and this is more profitable for you.
  • Leave on your birthday.
  • Three annual salary reviews.
  • Variable compensation policy.
  • You can work from anywhere in the country (although our studio in Vicente López is very nice and we look forward to returning to our home with a swimming pool ;-). And much more!

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We value diversity in all its forms.

Building a team of diverse thinkers with both different and complementary skill sets is challenging.

We are constantly executing on our true diversity goal, which is building a place where user-centered professionals from different backgrounds and experiences are not only welcomed, but also thrive.

And, it should go without saying, but we’re committed to providing equal employment and advancement opportunities to everyone,

regardless of their race, color, ancestry, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, veteran or any other legally protected status.

“Just like me” and hiring for “fit” are the enemy here.

People who aren’t like us will “fit” just fine, because they’re great at the things we’re not. Diverse minds lead to diverse thinking. Diverse thinking leads to diverse problem solving.

We welcome creative thinkers and innovators

Team up with smart, hard-working, curious people — while bringing the depth and breadth of EY’s capabilities to clients.