Alessandra Helena Gomiero Research & Insights Sr. Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Alessandra or Lele, Ale, Gomi, hehe, she arrived at EY in September 2022. Aeeee! \o/

Curious and passionate about art and people, she always dreamed of being an actress. She graduated as an artist at the TUCA Actors' School at PUC-SP in 1998, while working for VARIG, at the Congonhas airport in SP. With the bankruptcy of VARIG and the theater group she was acting in, she decided to change the direction of her career and went on to study Psychology. This road took her in the direction of the HR world, area that she worked for 10 years in all its subsystems (R&S, T&D, payroll, benefits, people management), passing through companies like MAKRO, DIA%, MICROSTRATEGY, HUAWEI SYMANTEC and ADP.

In 2016, she discovers Design thinking at the ECHOS innovation school and decides to change her career path once again! Bringing her knowledge about behavior and design together, was all she wanted to do! It was then that she started applying the knowledge by doing user experience research (UX Research), the gateway to start any innovation project!

She met the world of startups (WAGGL BRAZIL), understood what it is to be a Big4 (PwC), learned what ethnographic research in innovation consulting (ECHOS and BOARD OF INNOVATION), experienced how a family business works (EMBRACON CONSÓRCIOS) and dived into the performance of digital products consulting (JUST DIGITAL). And it is with this diversity of knowledge and experiences that she joins EY's Design Studio team! She hopes to learn and inspire everyone on the team, supporting the consolidation of this knowledge and bringing value to the clients!

In her personal life, she loves traveling and adventure tours, listening to music (from rock to binaural frequencies), cooking for herself and her friends and meeting them to chat.