Federico Galván Service Designer, Argentina,
EY Design Studio LAS

Federico is curious and passionate about a wide range of subjects, including biology, science fiction, gastronomy, among others. This, added to the creative impulse that studying music gave him, made him fall deeply in love with design.

Graduated from FADU as an industrial designer, Federico crossed the topics he was researching with his academic knowledge and realized that his interest in design transcended the objectual. During his first professional experiences in SMEs, he sought to create value beyond the techno-productive, betting on the communicational, and thinking about the experiences of the different actors involved. As a service designer, he seeks to generate holistic solutions through collaborative design and with a user-centric approach.

Federico enjoys well-told stories, Hans Zimmer's music and role-playing games, but above all he enjoys experiences thought in detail, understanding the logic behind the elements that compose them, and how they are orchestrated to make an exceptional whole.