Gabriel Benedicto Experience Design Consultant​, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Gabriel (Gabs or Hashi for the closest) has been at EY for 1 year and is a technician in Visual Communication from Etec Carlos de Campos, graduated in Multimedia Production from FIAP and is constantly studying courses focused on UX.

From adolescence to graduation, he had the opportunity to venture into the most diverse themes of graphic arts, audiovisual, 3D modeling, virtual reality... and finally fell in love with the area of Design focused on interface and experience with the aim of contributing to society by working on projects that impact and bring positive changes to people's daily lives.

He has worked for just over two years in a startup incubator and in early 2022, he accepted to challenge himself in projects in the consulting area at EY and from there he evolved too much as a professional through constant dynamics with clients, developers and presentations.

In his free time, he loves to travel and go around SP. He is starting to learn to play the piano and has been studying English a lot to fulfill his dream of living abroad and traveling. Sci-fi movies are his favorite, as well as animated movies (Shrek and Monsters SA are at the top) and mystery. He is not very connected to the zodiac sign but he is Sagittarius and about music, at the moment he is in the vibe of Tim Bernardes and Harry Styles.