Gustavo Risonho Experience Design Sr. Manager, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Gustavo (Risonho or Risos, as he is better known) has been with EY for 7 years. He has a degree in Design and more than 15 years of experience in CX projects.

He considers himself a more generalist designer, he started his career as a graphic/digital designer and, over the years, he found himself inserted in the design of interactions with products and services.

He is passionate about technology and loves researching and understanding how people interact at every step of the journey, being able to identify opportunities and help make people's lives easier through design.

He enjoys travelling, hanging out with friends and being around people warms his heart. More recently he discovered himself as a plant and pet parent (Charlie the mongrel), this connection with nature brings him balance and helps him to disconnect a bit from the day to day routine. His new passion is playing beach volleyball after work.