Helton Freitas Experience Design Sr. Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Helton has a degree in Advertising and has worked in the communications industry for 12 years. During this period, he experienced a market in transition, working in the offline vs. digital ambidextry for most of it. Added to this broth of experiences, the experience of an MBA that allowed the contact with several minds of innovation, and even led him to embark on his own startup for 2 years.

From then on, his passion for emerging technologies defined his path to seek a new professional horizon. The demand for new capabilities, little by little, definitely inserted him into the field of interaction design and, more recently, service design.

Pursuing creativity has always been a motto, a necessary exhaustion when the goal was to connect people and messages in a legitimate way. Today, no matter how different the actors are, the premise remains the same: put creativity at the service of solutions that support people and businesses.

Besides, he likes the calmness of the countryside. He likes contact with nature, with the sea. Meditation and swimming help a lot to keep the ideal balance for life, but spicing up the day-to-day with the company of friends and family is always very welcomed by him.