Isabela Lima Costa Experience Design  Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Isabela, Bela, or Isa joined EY in February 2022 and since then has been immersed in a deep journey of knowledge, learning and experiences. She started her professional life as a teacher, has a degree in accounting sciences, and while still in this area she started to have contact with innovation and technology, from that moment on there was a key turning point and she finds herself more and more passionate about it.

Bela loves a challenge and finding purpose in everything she does, so she believes that the combination of technology and innovation is a fundamental tool that can add value to businesses and people, as well as improve experiences and find solutions to problems in this disruptive era we live in.

She enjoys researching, investigating, and reflecting on how processes, journeys, and experiences take place. For this reason, she has sought to develop her career in Design Thinking and UX/UI.

In her free time she loves to have quality time with people who bring lightness and peace to her heart, meet new coffee shops and new people, watch and read fiction and suspense books, paint and have contact with nature, she believes this calms and brings balance to her heart. Lately she has become enthusiastic about astronomy.