Josue Batista Trainee, Innovation & Experience Design, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Josué, also known as Jô; Josh; Joca; among other nicknames, has been at EY since January 2023. He has a degree in Systems Analysis and Development, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Digital Business, and calls himself: "a lover of the humanities who ventured into the 'tech' area".

He found in Design the opportunity to exercise his creative and investigative side, joining technology to simplify the "matrix", making people's lives easier and generating value.

Outside of EY, he likes to play sports (weight training and street running are his favorites), write, read and study on the most varied topics (self-knowledge, technology, innovation, design and entrepreneurship are the ones that please him the most), in addition, he is passionate about history, philosophy, astronomy and psychology, in addition to being very fond of elements of geek culture (films, series and especially electronic games).