Laura Reiss Research & Insights Sr. Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

This is Laura. She joined EY at the end of August 2022. She studied Social Sciences at USP because she loved to accompany mom, since she was very young, in her small field research in the village. After a few years working in advertising and branding, she missed listening and understanding people more deeply. She got into research and never gave it up.

In 2018 she enrolled in a design thinking course to broaden her way of looking at and applying research. Around the same time she started to get involved almost exclusively in projects for Technology companies outside Brazil. In 2021 she decided to return to the academic world. She did a master's degree in Digital Anthropology at UCL in London.

She is an anthropologist who needs design to think about products and services that make sense to people. She believes that it is in the details, in what is not said, where we can capture good insights. For her, ethnography is more than a method: it is a way of relating and researching.

Besides working, she is the mother of three children. She likes to travel with them and her husband. Listening, feeling and tasting different cultures whenever possible.