Marcelo Pedroso Experience Design Manager, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Marcelo was born in São Paulo, Helena's father, and is an amateur cyclist. He graduated in Public Administration and has an MBA in product and service engineering.

He started his professional career as a consultant for state and municipal governments. But he noticed the gap about the reflection of the citizen within innovation projects. From there he began to study and apply Design Thinking techniques in his projects, always seeking to work in a more creative and empathetic way, and thinking in prototypes as a way to learn faster and cheaper.

From this focus on the citizen he went on to other investigations and approaches to projects and challenges, such as Customer Experience, Service Design and Scrum.

More recently he started to deepen his knowledge in topics related to digital product development, having a great taste for applying approaches like sprint design, lean inception and other approaches of the User Experience ecosystem.