María Eugenia Annaratone UX & Product Designer, Argentina,
EY Design Studio LAS

María Eugenia - or Maru, as her friends call her - is currently studying a Bachelor's Degree in Design (design + technology + business) at the University of Palermo.

As a student, her goal in her professional development will be the challenge of solving problems and/or people's needs; and to learn knowledge of materials, products, technology, users and other specific aspects in each circumstance, always starting from the needs of customers, improving their perception of the brand and creating a solid bond with their products.

She has experience in an SME in the design area, but stands out for the resolution of problems and/or needs, comprehensive and complex where different fields of design, communications, business and technology collaborate and intervene.

In her free time she likes to go biking, hang out with friends and family. She enjoys getting away from the city and being in connection with nature, which inspires her and promotes her creativity.