Mariano Balakuniec Manager, Argentina,
EY Design Studio LAS

After several years of academic and communication activities, Nano disembarked in the digital products world in 2006. He first led multidisciplinary teams in Crossmedia for clients like Visa and Garbarino. When he got curious about usability, he built the first team engaged in Crossmedia.

An adventurer, in 2009 he dove into UX advisory and worked both for companies in the private sector (NatGeo, S1Gateway, Maypun, Ex-Clé) and for agencies in the public sector. Among his projects, the highlight comes from the discovery and prototyping stage of creating the Argentine public data site.

He joined EY Design Studio LAS as a UX Leader and shortly after took on the challenge of leading the EY Design team for ICBC.

Although he claims to be passionate about reading and sports, those who really know him recognize that what he loves most is to design his way around users' problems. Allegedly, he cooks delicious meals too, but we haven't tried any of his dishes yet due to the pandemic.