Maurity Cazarotti Experience Design Sr. Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Maurity comes from the Tupi Guarani and means "person of high progeny", a great meaning, since mother is perhaps the greatest conception of successful design in the world.

He has a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, doing both at the same time and as an intern in his spare time. He has worked in several areas, from telecom, education, and retail, to logistics, civil construction, and hardware industry for the dental market.

He has done projects in Argentina and is currently focused on developing his leadership, data skills and fluency in English.

He does standup comedy and loves to write, from poems and songs to reviews about innovation. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and getting to know different cultures, sounds and tastes. He has been an athlete in soccer, volleyball, and even table tennis, and this says a lot about his personality, since she gets into everything he is offered to try.

Finally, he really wants to be a father, loves his wife, and has found in love the purpose to do more and better.