Mayara Silvestrini Experience Design Senior Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Mayara Silvestrini, but you can call her Má or May. 31 years old, Pisces with Aries ascendant. A fan of art and the different. Graduated in Social Communication, specialized in Art Direction and post-graduated in Interaction Design. She intends to continue her academic career with a Master's or MBA in the future.

She has been in the marketing/creative market since 2011, where she began her journey as an Art Assistant. She has attended the Cannes festival as a chosen student of ESPM college and also won a Digital Designer of the year award (ABC Communication Award) in 2019.

She enjoys solving complex issues and puzzles, especially when it comes to interfaces/UI. Loves to analyze and come to a satisfactory and beautiful conclusion for both the team and the client. Very curious, she ventures into the UX field with research and analysis as well.

As hobbies, she loves horror and cartoons/anime related content, likes to express herself with makeup, would like to travel more and has a love affair with music, playing some piano and singing.