Paula Alvarez Sanchez UX Senior Designer, Argentina,
EY Design Studio LAS

With a creative spirit and analytical mind, Paula does not know (and does not want to know) which is the dominant hemisphere of her brain, but she loves the balance she feels in that uncertainty.

Right hemisphere: her creative side led her to study dance, theater, photography, writing stories and video editing, passions that she tried to formalize in a fleeting passage through Audiovisual Arts and Graphic Design.

Left hemisphere: she is a lawyer by training (Consumer Defense and International Arbitration). Her desire to improve herself and her passion for communication led her to national and international competitions. Adept at Legal Design, she has always sought creative ways to turn the complexity of legal knowledge into the clarity of everyday language.

Finally, Paula found an eclectic bridge that connected both hemispheres in an in-between world: UX Design. She got certified at Coderhouse, Google and Human Experience Hub (where today she gives feedback in some demos), and began to walk that world as a freelancer, working alone and in interdisciplinary teams.

Lover of the sea, mountains, and sports; of well-told stories; of mate and coffee; of personal development and neurosciences podcasts; of plans that get you out of the routine and of puppies, Pau firmly believes in making people's lives easier.