Rafael Zanetti Nazario dos Santos Senior Business Consulting - CX​, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Famous Paulistano better known at work by his last name than by his first name. His name is Rafael, but 90% of his friends call him Zanetti, Zanettinho, Zane, etc. :)

He is new at EY since the first week of September.

He has always liked to come up with ideas and find solutions to problems. So he tried to express his creativity in advertising, but it didn't work out. He ended up going to the customer service area, having contact with great clients and exercising his empathy much more than creativity.

In 2017 he was invited to make the switch from publicist to CX. Previously on the side of big brands now advocating for the consumer. At that point he saw a purpose in his career and understood the importance of customer-centric design for businesses, and the change this can provide in people's daily lives.

He learned a lot in that beginning as a CX, venturing into all possible activities and tasks, from creating that cardboard prototype to going to visit clients with the internet technician (he promises he didn't cut anyone's cat haha). With the passage of time within the area he was able to become a consultant and make the transition in both consulting and CX of the company. Immersing himself in the world of customer service, working in the call center, listening to the most absurd calls, but always with the desire to make life easier for the customer. And finally being able to combine creativity with empathy.

He lives with his dog. They share the apartment, since the living room is the dog's and the bedroom is his. His name is Ronaldo, because he is a child of the 90's and a Bando nut (to paraphrase Casimiro here: a respectful fan always talks about his own team whenever he can). Besides being a soccer fan, he likes to cook, play, listen to music (Rap and Samba are the champions, who never cried with a song by Pericles), series and movies, talk a lot and last but not least Sneakerhead.