Tathiany Makiyama de Campos​ Experience Designer Sr., Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Tathiany (or Taty - Tathi) has been at EY for 1.5 months o/. She has a degree in Industrial Design and Design, with specialization in Project Management and experience in Communication and User Experience, an area in which her heart beats strongly.

She started her career in the graphic and creation area, and soon understood that the designer can act wherever she wants and started to collaborate in different sectors such as education and communication, where she had her biggest background (12 years) and first experience with Services! <3.

Today she is focused on Agile and Scrum methodology with an eye on Service Design.

She is passionate about the process and carries with her "good design is invisible" by Don Norman.

In her childhood she dreamed of being a fashion designer and even won an award in the field! She enjoys a good breakfast table, barbecuing with friends, and going to Ilha do Mel whenever possible. She loves riding motorcycles (blues and rock n roll) and has no taste for sports, but identified herself with boxing, since it is by training with a lot of discipline that one gets there! She is a magician, creative to the measure, and has a huge heart. In her own way, she seeks peace and happiness in her day to day life, helping people.

Her heart is warm for being part of the EY Design Studio LAS [Brazil] team <3.

It's great to be with people we admire and inspire us every day!