Victor Felippe Experience Design  Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Victor has been with EY since January 2021. He has a law degree, post-graduate degrees in Public Law, Tax Law and Digital Marketing and Communication. He is currently pursuing his second degree in Digital Design and has also started an MBA in strategic management in UX Design. Victor started at EY in TAX, taking care of taxes and auditing. However, he realized that he loved Design and decided to change areas, going to work with UX Design.

He loves subjects related to innovation and technology and this was one of the reasons that helped with his choice of Design. Strategic Design is the subject he likes the most, because he believes that the best way to add value to a project is to bring real and useful value to the users. Besides, he likes to solve people's problems, always facing new challenges because he believes that this way he can absorb different knowledge and is happy to bring innovative solutions to the needs and pains of others.

Besides reading and studying about design and technology, he also likes to take care of himself by practicing physical exercises and meditation when he has free time. He likes science fiction, suspense and comedy series.