Colton Almaraz Creative Technologist,
EY Design Studio PDX

Colton is a software/UX engineer with a degree in Experience Architecture from Michigan State University. He has several years’ experience with web development in a wide variety of industries. He focuses on creating user-centered design that is accessible and efficient. His goal is to create products that are ethical and profitable. In his spare time Colton loves to travel, hike, read sci-fi novels, and let his dog (Ranger) take him on a walk. A fun fact about him is he has been to almost every state in the US (excluding Alaska and some of New England). One of his biggest interests is astronomy. He has an immense love and wonder for space. As a very amateur astrophotographer, Colton can point out more than a few constellations in the night sky. As a child he always wanted to be an astronaut, until he discovered his other passion, coding.