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Personas at Play

You might have a heard a thing or two about Design Studio PHL’s Collab series. Earlier this year, we decided to take…

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Design is Storytelling

Earlier this year, EY Design Studio PHL hosted a Design Brew event in Manayunk called Design at Play: Injecting Play Into Our…

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The 2019 PICnic

An end of summer PICnic (funky capitalization in honor of our studio's founder, Greg Picarelli) is an annual tradition at EY Studio PHL. Every year…

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Reusable Collabs

Lately we’ve been exploring the value of personal passions and creative play with our design team’s Collab sessions. During our internal Collab…

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Performance feedback you can actually use

I recently received a structured performance review from a trusted co-worker. The online form asked my peer to rate my most recent 90 days of…

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Crit & Collab

Discipline development is a key focus area at our studio. For those of us on the design team, this means learning about challenges facing other…

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XOXO, Design Studio PHL

Nowadays, our relationships with apps and other digital experiences are looking a lot like real relationships we have with our loved ones. We go through…

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Teaching UX Design to TechGirlz

When we tell people, “We’re UX designers,” we’re typically met with confused looks or misconceptions about what that means.

“So you work with computers?”


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Our New Home

One of the many benefits of joining the EY family in December 2015 was that we were able to move our team into an incredible…

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Volunteer Day 2018

Our volunteer day this year was extra special for me and many others on our team, as we were able to help out right in…

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Front-End Engineers Are Engineers Too

Back when I started my first job as a web engineer in 2000, I was slinging tables-based HTML with laughable stylesheets and the occasional obnoxious…

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Introducing Intuitive Art Space

Our team has called the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia home for the past six years. We love its sense of community and its all-around funkiness.…

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UX Research Sample Size Considerations

Before our user experience research team kicks off any study, we must justify our participant sample size. Clients and colleagues will want to feel confident…

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UX Research as a Creative Process

We are User Experience (“UX”) researchers; we research design and design research for digital experiences. Determining what methods will best answer the types of questions…

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