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PDX Blog

Inclusive Content, Ethical Design and All of Us

EY Design Studio PDX Presents: An evening with Sara Wachter-Boettcher (Design Week Portland: Event Recap)

Implicit and unconscious bias impacts all digital products and experiences.…

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Rethinking Digital Design for Seniors

Designers often create digital experiences with millennials in mind, but senior citizens are a key demographic that would also greatly benefit from their attention.


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Bringing Whole Life Insurance to Life

A look at how augmented 3D visuals can help financial professionals communicate the benefits of insurance products to customers.

Let’s face it, insurance products aren’t…

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Transparency and Design: Four Ways We're Evolving Client Collaboration

Our team spends a lot of time thinking about how to improve our processes and build more meaningful partnerships with clients. Inspired by agile methodology,…

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Spinning Data into Gold: Turning Information into UX Insights

Brilliant UX designs don’t magically appear out of thin air. Even though they may seem elegant and effortless during presentations, they actually emerge out of…

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When it’s Smart to Play Dumb: Managing AI Recommendations

As machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) evolve and begin to yield interesting results, our clients are exploring how to apply these technologies to their…

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