EY Design Studio LAS

Welcome to LAS!

Design is transformation. This is how we understand it since 2005: at that time Inter-Cultura initiated the pioneer road to innovation and human-centered design. With a humanitarian approach from the onset, we create specialized services which are highly valued.

In 2020, we joined EY to expand this approach and to develop EY Design Studio LAS, with its headquarters located in Buenos Aires, providing services to all Latin America South countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) and helping our clients to reach their effective transformation goals.

We offer a unique value proposition by combining specialized innovation and design with the best business practices and a deep knowledge of the economic sectors.

People first

This is a philosophy, not a phrase. Every day we take care of valuing different opinions and standpoints. We turn into a strong team when we care for and encourage our people, and when we include their contributions.

We enjoy the ride

There is no secret. We love our work (well, the office swimming pool is not that bad either ;-). We share not only the work but our whole life. We try to turn every day into a celebration.

We explore

We challenge ourselves daily to reach our best version. Our team believes it is okay to say “I don’t know”: collaboration and curiosity lead us to try new things and go further.

We are always learning

We share our experiences to learn and grow from our achievements and mistakes. We look for inspiration in original places and we like to receive guests in our home.

Join us!

There are no open positions at this time, but please check back soon.

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