Alini Nicolau Cunico Experience Designer Sr. Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Alini joined EY in January 2022. She is a technician in Industrial Styling and Clothing, with a diploma in Design - Project and Product with a specialisation in EcoDesign.

A designer for 14 years, she has already worked in some segments of the area, such as: Interior Design, Fashion Design, Product Design and EcoDesign.

Her track record includes participation in the If Concept Design Award competition, where she presented the creation of the product Leveme - redesign of an axial crutch. In this competition she was among the 100 best works in Brazil, which allowed her to compete worldwide in Germany with this product. She participated in the Brazilian Design Biennial with the same product. She won the Ecodesign Competition, organised by Shopping Müller, in her city, with a lamp made from demolished wood. She created 10 years ago her clothing and accessories brand, ANK, with a sustainable footprint, working together with a community on the coast of Paraná, using fish tannery. Creativity, development, style and gift for creation are some of her strengths.

Currently in Consulting, a completely new area in her portfolio, she is driven by challenges and constant learning; evolution and professional development. Working with Design Thinking inspires her to a new journey of study, immersion and experiences in UX/CX. She is very happy to have chosen EY's internship programme.

Alini is from the beach, the countryside and the city. Passionate about travel, she appreciates every little corner of every place she has been to and loves to venture out into the big wide world. She keeps a vivid memory of all the places she has been, as well as curious souvenirs. One of her unfulfilled dreams is to see the rest of the world. For her it is a great pleasure to be reunited with her family and a good meeting with her friends.