Amaia Moreno Strategic Designer, Argentina,
EY Design Studio LAS

Amaia graduated in Industrial Organization Engineering (Mondragon University). The "Global Training" international mobility scholarships gave her the opportunity to join the EY Design Studio team.

For Amaia it is not the first international experience, in her last year she had the opportunity to work in Slovakia with the local university, Technical University of Košice and Neksten laboratory. She developed a project arising from the urgent demand for protective shields due to COVID-19 pandemic, in which she optimized the 3D printing of three thermoplastic materials, as well as analyzing and selecting the most sustainable material. This made her realize her interest in projects with the focus on people, sustainability and optimization.

She considers herself a creative person, eager to contribute ideas from a different point of view. In addition, she loves to take on challenges and to train herself in order to find better solutions. He is passionate about traveling, learning about new cultures and playing sports, especially basketball, although he would not reject a plan of blanket and series.