Amaia Navarro Service Designer, Argentina,
EY Design Studio LAS

Amaia graduated as an industrial designer and product development engineer at the University of Deusto.

During 2020 she did several trainings within the field of circular economy, eco-design and sustainability. She was also working in the startup Ekomodo as a product designer creating accessories made from sustainable and locally manufactured materials.

At the beginning of 2022, thanks to the Basque mobility program "Global Training", she had the opportunity to join EY Design Studio LAS in order to be inspired, train and learn from the team around her and acquire more knowledge in the world of design.

She is a person who would not know how to define herself as she feels that she still has a lot to live and experience. Even so, she knows that she is not afraid of change and loves to explore new challenges in her career. For this reason, she is enthusiastic about participating in creative projects and processes aimed at improving unmet human needs by promoting their wellbeing and the planet's wellbeing.

In order to seek new and enriching experiences, she tends to lead an active, adventurous and exploratory life. Therefore, in her free time she is passionate about sports activities, traveling and getting to know new cultures.