Griselda Vallejo Manager, Argentina,
EY Design Studio LAS

Griselda has a thirteen-year track record in experience design projects. She leads projects that involve innovation processes, services design and UX for a variety of companies: ICBC, Turner, La Voz del interior, AcaSalud, ESPN and Bayer. She is experienced in leading and carrying out generative and evaluation research projects, which she loves to do.

She is a graphic and packaging designer. She started her career as a product visual designer. As the years went by, she discovered a greater interest in the products and services interaction design to make people's lives easier.

She really enjoys personal connections and meeting people, so she became a social and fashion make-up artist, which started as a hobby and is now almost her second profession. She is passionate about taking care of her home plants and loves being outdoors. This makes her feel connected to nature and brings the right amount of balance to her daily life.