Juan Aparicio Senior Researcher,
EY Design Studio LAS

While spending time with his friends when he was 11, Juan became curious about what connects people. Since then, he has defended the importance of knowing the universe of others as a necessary step to making our world better – and he takes every opportunity to do so.

He studied Social Anthropology and has always tried to bring the academic world into the real world, inspiring, communicating and sharing information while applying the social science method and perspective to tackle complex problems.

He worked in multidisciplinary teams in Consulting, Organizational Culture and Change, where he investigated different industries until he needed to make a personal and professional change and started working in Innovation and Social Impact. Sometime after this, he found in human centered design (HCD) the setting and the opportunity to apply the views of both Anthropology and Applied Research, and collaborate with teams, clients, stakeholders and colleagues in a challenging context – and a fun one too!

Every single thing he knows, lives, thinks and applies today he has learnt in nature, in sports and in meeting others.