Marcos Romero Senior Manager, Argentina,
EY Design Studio LAS

Marcos leads teams and participates in service design, UX, research and consulting projects for local and international clients related to several industries, including Software, Internet, Banking, Finance, Government, Tourism and Services.

His core training is Computational Science. He started his professional career as a programmer. But soon after that he ran into the concept of "usability" (back in 1999) and understood that he had already incorporated the basic notions of human-centered design.

Little by little, he got closer to design consulting: he carried out and led countless user experience projects and he is now the manager in charge of the Service Design department at EY Design Studio LAS.

Marcos delights in cooking for his loved ones and he can spend a great deal of his weekend inside the kitchen: pizza, bread, jam, hummus, you name it and he makes it.

His favorite book is Monseñor Quijote by Graham Greene. He has read it four times in Spanish, once in English and has given it as a gift in 15 occasions.