Matías Mintz UX & Product Designer, Argentina,
EY Design Studio LAS

Matías studied image and sound design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and his passion for computer science and video games led him to study programming at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN) and the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQ).

He got to UX design after his time in the audiovisual world. His first job was in art departments of advertising, film and television. He also edited and animated videos. The freelance world taught him to work in interdisciplinary teams and curiosity guided his professional training to Digital House, where he learned user experience design and all the pieces fit together.

His childhood was influenced by classics like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. Maybe that's why he believes that life is a graphic adventure: a mixture of logic, narrative, puzzles and creativity.

He is a fan of Estudiantes de La Plata, the Red Sox and anime. He is writing an illustrated booklet (and planning a point & click) about a magical girl who, along with her dog and cat, fulfills her dreams.

Oh, he also loves to provide feedback about the pages. And yes, they are quite long. (Sorry).