Nadia Grosso UX & Product Design Lead,
EY Design Studio LAS

She is a professional with a long track record in User Experience Design (UX) in Argentina. She is part of the Product Design & User Experience team at EY Design Studio LAS where she leads and carries out interaction design projects, taking care of the whole process of research, design and digital products testing. She has been working since 2018 at Inter-Cultura, then EY since the company's integration in 2020. She has collaborated with clients like BBVA, ICBC, Claro and Techint.

She graduated as a Graphic Designer at the University of Buenos Aires and worked in the areas of institutional design and marketing. After graduating she wanted something more in her professional career, so she trained in digital design and user experience to turn her career this way. This opened the door to becoming a UX Designer participating in the redesign of Banco Santander Río Online Banking site (2016-2018) in which she coordinated the User Experience team, regardless of her little experience in the area.

She practices Afro-Brazilian dance, loves music (mainly percussion) and enjoys traveling, eating out and going for a drink while spending time with the people she loves.