Vinicius Franulovic Viana UX/UI Designer, Sr. Consultant, Brasil,
EY Design Studio LAS

Vinicius (Vini) joined EY in early October 2022.

He has a degree in Design from FAU-USP and a post-graduate degree in Neuroscience from Mackenzie. He has worked in the digital area since 2013 and in several companies.

He has a more generalist design profile, but has worked only with the research area and the prototyping part for development. He also uses service design sometimes. He is interested in innovative products and technologies, and likes to learn new methods and techniques to improve his design skills. Currently he is learning English and studying about ways of visualizing data with PowerBI. Yeah...sometimes he finds something different to study.

Vini likes to swim, run, dance forró and is learning to skateboard and surf. He likes to play video games and enjoys what pretty much every nerd does.